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Lab Safety


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    Approved eye protection devices (such as goggles) are worn in the laboratory
    to improve vision
    only if you don't wear glasses
    anytime heat, chemicals, or glassware are used
    to avoid eye strain
  • 2. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    If a laboratory fire erupts, immediately
    notify your teacher
    run for the fire extinguisher
    throw water on the fire
    open a window
  • 3. Multiple Choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    If you do not understand a direction or part of a lab procedure, you should
    figure it out as you do the lab
    try several methods until something works
    skip it and go to the next part
    ask your teacher
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