Computer Troubleshooting
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    20 seconds
    Q. What does Ms. Lamar check first if your monitor goes blank?
    answer choices
    turn the monitor off
    check the monitor cord
    open task manager
  • Question 2
    20 seconds
    Q. How long should you wait after you unplug the monitor's power cable?
    answer choices
    5 seconds
    15 seconds
    30 seconds
  • Question 3
    20 seconds
    Q. What is most likely wrong with the monitor if you have done all of the troubleshooting steps?
    answer choices
    the monitor cord is broken
    the computer is broken
    the monitor needs to be replaced
  • Question 4
    20 seconds
    Q. After you disconnect the mouse, keyboard, and monitor, what should be your next step?
    answer choices
    reboot the computer
    plug the monitor back up
    call a technician
  • Question 5
    20 seconds
    Q. What is the first step of fixing a display rotation?
    answer choices
    unplug the computer
    go to the control panel
    go to my documents
  • Question 6
    20 seconds
    Q. What type of monitors do we have in our classroom?
    answer choices
  • Question 7
    20 seconds
    Q. A monitor's size is measured horizontally from corner to corner.
    answer choices
  • Question 8
    20 seconds
    Q. What is one thing you can do if your mouse does not work?
    answer choices
    buy a wireless mouse
    check the connections
    cut the cord
  • Question 9
    20 seconds
    Q. How is your mouse connected on your computer in the classroom?
    answer choices
  • Question 10
    30 seconds
    Q. What is the last thing you should do when your keyboard is not working?
    answer choices
    call your mom
    tell Mrs. Lamar

    contact the technology coordinator

  • Question 11
    30 seconds
    Q. What is the best way to clean your keyboard?
    answer choices
    soap and water
    compressed air
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