Project C Episode 2- Boycotts and Lawsuits
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  • Question 1
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    Q. What was the Selective Buying Campaign? 
    answer choices
      Only buying goods from locally owned businesses 
    Not buying any name brands
    An economic boycott of downtown Birmingham businesses
    Only buying name brands 
  • Question 2
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    Q. Who spearheaded the Selective Buying Campaign?
    answer choices
    Frank Dukes
    Arthur Shores
    Fred Shuttlesworth
    Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Question 3
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    Q. What famous words did MLK write after being arrested on April 12th, 1963? 
    answer choices
    I Have Dream 
    Letter from a Birmingham Jail 
    Give Us the Ballot 
    How Long, Not Long
  • Question 4
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    Q. On what grounds did lawsuits filed by civil rights activists challenge existing laws?
    answer choices
    Segregation is Unequal
    Constitutional Violations
    Unjust Laws
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