Forces and Motion
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    120 seconds
    Q. A non-contact force means there is NO touching needed to make the force happen between the two objects.  Choose the non-contact forces.
    answer choices
    using a magnet, electricity, pulling a sled
    hitting a baseball, using a magnet, pushing your friend
    using a magnet, dropping a ball, two balloons repelling
  • Question 2
    30 seconds
    Q. An unbalanced force can make all of these things happen except...
    answer choices
    a moving object changes direction
    an object just sits there
    a moving object speeds up
    a moving object stops
  • Question 3
    30 seconds
    Q. Balanced forces can cause
    answer choices
    an object to speed up or slow down
    an object to stay still or move at a constant speed and direction
  • Question 4
    30 seconds
    Q. Who is winning this race?
    answer choices
  • Question 5
    30 seconds
    Q. What speed is the person with the red line going?
    answer choices
    20 km per hour
    10 km per hour
    50 km per hour
    30 km per hour
  • Question 6
    30 seconds
    Q. When was the ostrich going at a constant speed?
    answer choices
    Between 0 and 30 min.
    Between 45 and 60 min.
    Between 30 and 45 min.
  • Question 7
    30 seconds
    Q. this force is ___________ and there will be 
    answer choices
    unbalanced, no movement
    balanced, movement to the left
    balanced, no movement
  • Question 8
    30 seconds
    Q. This force is _____________ and there will be _________________
    answer choices
    balanced, movement to back left
    unbalanced, movement to the back left
    balanced, no movement
  • Question 9
    30 seconds
    Q. If all four forces are balanced, the plane will
    answer choices
    plummet to the ground
    fly faster and faster
    fly slower and slower
    fly at a constant speed and direction
  • Question 10
    30 seconds
    Q. If two spheres of different masses, but the same size are dropped at the same time
    answer choices
    they will hit the floor at the same time
    the larger mass will hit first
    the smaller mass will hit first
  • Question 11
    30 seconds
    Q. The more massive an object is...
    answer choices
    the harder it will be to get moving.
    The harder it will be to stop.
    the harder it will be to speed up.
    all of the above.
  • Question 12
    30 seconds
    Q. To measure speed, you need to know...
    answer choices
    distance covered and speed
    distance covered and time it took
    acceleration and distance
    direction and time
  • Question 13
    30 seconds
    Q. to determine if something is moving or changing direction you need
    answer choices
    a calculator
    a tape measure
    a magnifying glass
    a non-moving background
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