Google Drive
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How do you create a new folder?

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Click "New"

Click "Drive" (Left)

Click "Drive" (Upper Center)

Click "Trash"

Q. T/F: You can share folders with anyone.
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Q. Once you create a file, you must _________ it.
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Q. Where are documents that you place on Google Drive stored?
answer choices
On your school network
On a flash drive
Somewhere in California
In the cloud
Q. Why is there no Save button for your files?
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No changes are ever saved.
Google Drive uses autosave, which automatically and immediately saves your files as you edit them.
The Save button is in the “File” submenu.
You “Right-Click” to get the Save function. 
Q. Which of the following file types can be uploaded to Google Drive?
answer choices
Microsoft Word
All of the above

Files that others give me access to view or edit are found in.

answer choices

My Drive

Shared with me



Q. How do you share a document with someone?
answer choices
Put it in a box with a bow on it
Click the "share" icon and type in their email
Email them the link
Tell them to ask nicely

What is the "Cloud"?

answer choices

The cloud is made up of the information stored on servers in all over the world.

The Cloud is the files in my computer.

The Cloud is the software I purchase and load on my computer.

The Cloud is the software Google, Apple, and Microsoft use.


I use folders to organize my Drive.

answer choices

Yes, and they are color coded.

No, folders are found in Google Classroom.


Folders? I didn't know that there were folders.

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