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  • Question 1
    10 seconds
    Q. What is in the picture?
    answer choices
  • Question 2
    10 seconds
    Q. The patron saint of Scotland is
    answer choices
    St David
    St George
    St Andrew
    St Patrick
  • Question 3
    10 seconds
    Q. Glasgow is ...
    answer choices
    the biggest city in England
    an industrial centre of Ireland
    the biggest city in Scotland
    an old university town in Scotland
  • Question 4
    10 seconds
    Q. What is the name of the flag?
    answer choices
    the Saltire
    the Cross and the Sky
    the Stars & Stripes
    the Soltyre
  • Question 5
    10 seconds
    Q. It is an old university town
    answer choices
  • Question 6
    10 seconds
    Q. What is the animal called in this flag?
    answer choices
    the Red Tiger
    the Lion Rampant
    the Bear Roaring
    the Dog Barking
  • Question 7
    10 seconds
    Q. They sing it on New Year's Eve
    answer choices
    Auld Lang Syne
    Old Long Time
    Auld Long Syne
    Auld Lang Song
  • Question 8
    10 seconds
    Q. Burns' Night is celebrated
    answer choices
    on 25th February
    on  25th December
    on 26th December
    on 25th January
  • Question 9
    10 seconds
    Q. These are ...
    answer choices
    a kilt with a sporran
    a kilt with a handbag
    a skirt with a sporran
    a skirt with a handbag
  • Question 10
    10 seconds
    Q. The floral emblem of Scotland is ...
    answer choices
  • Question 11
    10 seconds
    Q. They drink whisky, sing songs and eat haggis on
    answer choices
    Robert Burns' birthday
    Rupert Burns' birthday
    Albert Burns' birthday
    Ronald Burns' birthday
  • Question 12
    10 seconds
    Q. Some Scottish people can still speak
    answer choices
    Scottish Gaelic
    Welsh Gaelic
    Irish Gaelic
  • Question 13
    10 seconds
    Q. The population of Scotland is
    answer choices
    7 million
    4 million
    5 million
    9 million
  • Question 14
    10 seconds
    Q. Edinburgh Festival takes place
    answer choices
    every May
    every December
    every August
    every July
  • Question 15
    10 seconds
    Q. Ben Nevis is
    answer choices
    the deepest lake
    the highest mountain
    the longest river
    the national hero
  • Question 16
    10 seconds
    Q. The biggest  and longest lake is
    answer choices
    Loch Ness
    Loch Lomond
    Loch Morar
    Loch Rannoch
  • Question 17
    10 seconds
    Q. One of the Scottish dances is
    answer choices
    world dance
    snake dance
    sword dance
    shield dance
  • Question 18
    10 seconds
    Q. St Andrew's Day is on
    answer choices
    March 1st
    November 31st
    November 30th
    September 29th
  • Question 19
    10 seconds
    Q. Robert Burns lived in
    answer choices
    in the 20th century
    in the 18th century
    in the 17th century
    in the 19th century
  • Question 20
    10 seconds
    Q. What plant?
    answer choices
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