Middle Ages
4 years ago
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  • Question 1
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of the following was an effect of the Plague on Europe?
    answer choices
    religion became less of an influence among people
    most usable farmland was poisoned or destroyed
    surviving peasants gained more economic power
    peasants developed greater loyalty to their monarchs
  • Question 2
    30 seconds
    Q. Manorialism can best be described as
    answer choices
    the process of how a nobleman's son in the middle ages could become a knight
    the political relationships between the king or queen, the nobility, and the peasants
    the economic ties between the nobles and the peasants who worked on their lands
    the land given to monasteries by different governments as a show of loyalty to the Church
  • Question 3
    30 seconds
    Q. The political order under feudalism was dependent upon the relationship between lords and their vassals.  The responsibility of the vassal included
    answer choices
    the promise to spread the Christian faith to their lands
    an oath of loyalty and a pledge of military service
    an agreement to keep lower classes under control
    the payment of taxes to the king or queen of the country
  • Question 4
    30 seconds
    Q. attacks by Vikings and other invaders
    weakening of centralized government
    decision of nobles to take over local defense
    The list above is describing 
    answer choices
    the development of social classes during feudalism
    the reasons for the development of feudalism
    the political relationships under feudalism
    the economic consequences of feudalism
  • Question 5
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of the following best describes a fief?
    answer choices
    the peasants who worked the farm land
    the oath of loyalty sworn to the monarch
    the income raised by the peasants
    the estate that was granted to the vassal
  • Question 6
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of these statements about the Crusades is true?
    answer choices
    Crusaders brought Islamic culture, architecture, and medicine back to Europe
    trade diminished across Europe as fighting destroyed roads and bridges
    Crusaders were welcomed by Muslims, who wanted to help driving the Jews from the Holy Land
  • Question 7
    30 seconds
    Q. Why did the serfs work on the land for the vassals?
    answer choices
    to have a place to live
    in hopes of owning it
    by force of the lords
  • Question 8
    30 seconds
    Q. Feudalism is an example of
    answer choices
    a monarchy
    an industrial economy
    a local government
    a religious empire
  • Question 9
    30 seconds
    Q. Feudalism began as
    answer choices
    a way for the military to secure its power over the peasants and landowners
    a contract in which land was granted to the peasants in exchange for military service to the nobles
    a demand by peasants for better living conditions and for a share in the economic prosperity of the middle ages
    a means for the church to collect more taxes for its support of the nobility
  • Question 10
    30 seconds
    Q. What is the main feature of a medieval feudal society?
    answer choices
    the population was mostly rural, made up of farming communities
    the people began to assert their rights as individuals and demand greater freedoms
    the population was mostly urban because people sought opportunities in the cities
    an improved economic system was created based upon the introduction of paper money and credit
  • Question 11
    30 seconds
    Q. The First Crusade had the intended goal of capturing which city?
    answer choices
  • Question 12
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of the following was a lasting effect on Europe as a result of the Crusades?
    answer choices
    many Muslims moved to Europe
    many Europeans converted to Islam
    Europe became more isolated
    trade between Europe and the East increased
  • Question 13
    30 seconds
    Q. The Crusades began soon after the Suljuk Turks threatened which of the following Christian nations?
    answer choices
    the Byzantine Empire
    the kingdom of England
    the kingdom of France
    the Holy Roman Empire
  • Question 14
    30 seconds
    Q. The Crusades exposed Western Europeans to ideas and discoveries of the Muslim world, resulting in
    answer choices
    an understanding and peace between Christians and Muslims
    an increase in European education and thought
    a hatred for Muslim culture and science within Europe
    a decrease in Christianity within Europe itself
  • Question 15
    30 seconds
    Q. The Crusades were a series of religious wars fought by Christian and Muslim soldiers between 1096 and 1270 AD.  What effects did the Crusades have on Europe and the Middle East?
    answer choices
    trade expanded and towns boomed
    silk cloth was brought to China from the West
    precious metals and stones were carried from China
    furs, ceramics, and jade were carried to China
  • Question 16
    30 seconds
    Q. Which of these is a way that Catholic monasteries preserved ancient languages and learning?
    answer choices
    they taught ancient Chinese beliefs on religion
    they wrote stories about early Egyptian legends
    they saved ancient Greek and Roman writings
    they preserved artwork from Babylon and Persia
  • Question 17
    30 seconds
    Q. The Catholic Church in Europe was responsible for building some of the earliest
    answer choices
    town halls
  • Question 18
    30 seconds
    Q. During the Middle Ages, how did Catholic religious leaders influence the kings and lords of Europe?
    answer choices
    the church usually had bishops and cardinals made into kings
    the church had control over most of Europe's food supply
    the church had an army larger than any other feudal army
    the church taught that it had authority over every person
  • Question 19
    30 seconds
    Q. What caused Christianity to spread to Britain, Ireland, and northern Europe?
    answer choices
    people read about Christianity in books and other writings
    missionaries brought Christian teachings to these places
    most Christians migrated north to escape the Roman Empire
    Christian emperors from Rome conquered these regions
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