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4 years ago
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  • Question 1
    30 seconds
    Q. What is the best question to ask yourself when you are trying to find the main idea?
    answer choices
    Who is the main character?
    What is the main event?
    What is one important detail?
    What point is the author trying to make?
  • Question 2
    30 seconds
    Q. What text features can give you a clue of what the main idea is?
    answer choices
    All of these
  • Question 3
    180 seconds
    Q. Benjamin Franklin loved to write.  When he was twenty-two, he set up his own printing shop and started a newspaper.  He also printed a book called Poor Richard’s Almanac.  It had funny stories, information about the weather, and wise sayings.
    answer choices
    Benjamin Franklin loved to write stories and books.
    Benjamin Franklin worked very hard when he was young.
    Benjamin Franklin knew a lot about the weather.
    Benjamin Franklin was very poor.
  • Question 4
    120 seconds
    Q. There are several events that can change the Earth's surface very quickly. Volcanoes can erupt and spread lava, rock and ash for several miles.  Earthquakes can leave large cracks in the Earth's surface.
    answer choices
    Several events can change the Earth's surface.
    Earthquakes can cause large cracks. 
    Volcanoes can be dangerous.
  • Question 5
    180 seconds
    Q. Scientists can measure the intensity of an earthquake. They use an instrument called the Richter scale. The Richter scale compares the strength of different earthquakes. Earthquakes  below 2.0 usually can’t be felt. Earthquakes over 5.0 on the scale can cause damage. A magnitude 7.0 is a major earthquake and can cause tremendous damage.
    answer choices
    Scientists can measure the intensity of an earthquake.
    Strong earthquakes can cause lots of damage.
     Some earthquakes are very small. 
  • Question 6
    180 seconds
    Q. Benjamin Franklin loved the city of Philadelphia.  He started the city’s first hospital and fire department.  Ben also started Philadelphia’s first public library. Benjamin Franklin worked very hard to make Philadelphia a better place to live.
    answer choices
    Benjamin Franklin worked hard to make his city a great 
      place to live. 
    Benjamin Franklin worked for the fire department. 
    Benjamin Franklin knew a lot about books.
    Benjamin Franklin went to school in Philedelphia.
  • Question 7
    180 seconds
    Q. Floods can cause tremendous damage.  They can ruin houses, roads and buildings. Floods can take down trees and cause mudslides. It often leaves mud, sand and debris behind.  It can take months to clean up after a flood.
    answer choices
    Floods can cause a lot of damage.
    Floods cause mudslides.
    Floods damage houses and roads. 
  • Question 8
    180 seconds
    Q. Tom started to reel in his line. The fish tugged and pulled hard. Judging by the weight of his catch, this fish could feed his family for three days. Tom struggled to stay in the boat and not be pulled over the side. Finally his catch came into view. He had snagged a snapping turtle!
    What is the main idea?
    answer choices
    Tom finds enough food for his family.
    Tom gets pulled out of his boat by a huge fish.
    Tom didn't catch anything.
    Tom catches a snapping turtle while fishing.
  • Question 9
    180 seconds
    Q. If you are feeling sad, you can make yourself feel better by doing a few simple things. You can take a walk (or get another form of exercise), you can talk to a friend, or you can write down your feelings. Writing down the good things in your life will help too. Doing something good for someone else will also help you feel better. If you still feel a little sad, act happy. It works like magic to make you feel better!
    What is the main idea?
    answer choices
    Sometimes people feel sad.
    You should do good things for others.
    We're not always happy.
    There are many ways to make yourself feel better. 
  • Question 10
    120 seconds
    Q. What is the main idea?
    Susan likes to swim with her family at the beach. The best part of going to the beach is collecting shells. She likes to use shells to make jewelry. Collecting shells is fun.
    answer choices
    Susan is a good swimmer.
    Susan likes to collect shells.
    Jewelry is fun to make.
    Susan likes to go fishing.
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