Roz on the Water
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Roz on the Water

by Netera Pratt-Gutierrez

​Group Expectations

  1. ​Everyone gets a turn to talk.

  2. ​We are on task.

  3. ​We practice Ubuntu.

  4. ​We solve our problem before asking for help.

  5. ​We follow the Classroom Group Rules.

​Learning Target

​I can develop, test and create a device that will support an abiotic being.

Success Criteria :

​I will use the engineering Design Process to solve a problem.

The Taco Party: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAhpfFt_mWM


What do you need to know before brainstorming ideas?

answer choices

You need to identify the constraints.

You need to answer your problem 

Ask Ms. Nettie for help.

You have to brainstorm before knowing your constraints.


After brainstorming, how do you select your idea?


Testing your prototype involves:

no correct answer

You test it out.

You and others test it out. Then ask questions.

Just do it.


Why is iterating so important?

answer choices

Iterating helps.

Iterating helps you improve your prototype.

Iterating makes no sense.


​Chapter 35

​Roz is unable to go into the water to help Brightbill learn to swim.

​Inquiry Question:

How could Roz have helped Brightbill learn to swim, without damaging herself?


​Nettie Groups:

​1) Hillary, Sofiya, Alvaro and Alux

​2) Shayan, Ella, George and Joshua

​3) Rhiyan, Samaria, Dillon and Richard

​4) Tatum, Olivia, Yusuf and Hussein

​5) Nam, Diana, Both and Dariana

​6) Kai, Estella, Peyten and Brandace

​Fish Group:

​1) Ibrahim, Dayanara, Lola and Trace

​2) Joseph, Camber, Omar and Darion

3) Netilimwar, Ahmad, Jerom and Mercy

4) ​Dee, Walter, Mecan and Zaheer

​5) Avineet, Vanessa, Lissandro and Carlos

​6) JJ, Ivan, Violet and Xaniyah

​In a group we will...

​Design and build Roz a float to help Brightbill swim.

​We will chart fill out the chart on our tables to test our success. Read over the chart as a team, now. (5 minutes)

​ Monday- Notes and craft Creation of Roz and Weigh her.

Tuesday- Create Flotation Device.

Wednesday- Test Flotation Device without Roz

Thursday- Test Flotation Device with Roz.

​Friday- Retest Flotation Device with Roz and fill out Data

​MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-4


  • ​You must turn in your own worksheet.

  • ​You must have the worksheet completely filled out.

  • ​You must participate and follow the Classroom Group Rules.


​Hillary, Sofiya, Kai, Brandace, Ella and Rhiyan

​Shayan, Samaria, Yusuf, George, Richard and Joshua

​Alvaro, Dariana, Tatum, Dillon and Alux

​Nam, Estella, Both, Olivia and Peyten

​Mercy, Walter, Carlos, Camber and Omar

​Avineet, Dayanara, Ahmad, Ibrahim and Trace

​Zaheer, Joseph, JJ, Lola and Mecan

​Jerom, Ivan, Lissandro, Vanessa, and Xaniyah

​Violet, Le'Asia, Darion, Netilimwar and Dee


​As a team, discuss what materials you need to build a successful flotation device for Roz.


​Styrofoam, craft sticks, straws, cardboard, aluminum foil and plastic utensils and weights.

​Step 1

  1. ​Build Roz must be 3lbs. Use Scale to test weight.

​Step 2:

​​Gather materials to make device for Roz.

​Step 3

​​Test Device without Roz.

​Step 4

​​Test Device with Roz.

​Step 5:

​​Repeat if 1st attempt was unsuccessful.

​If Attempt is successful, make sure to write your conclusion and then work on the writing prompt individually

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