What is a Revolution?
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What is a Revolution?


What are the four characteristics of a revolution?

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dissident elites 

mass frustration 

shared motivation 

state crises 

theme songs 


What event in history inspired the Shared Motivations of Latin America to revolt against Europe?

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A desire for greater social control as set out due to the Reformation of the Catholic Church.

A desire for independence as set out in the Enlightenment.


Latin America Revolutionaries were inspired by what movement?

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Democratic Socialism




True or False?  In a political sense, a revolution is a sudden shift from one form of government to another form of government.

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​Dissident Elite

Dissident: a person who actively challenges an established political or religious system, doctrine, belief, policy, or institution.


Elites: groups that have access to wealth or power of various types or are highly educated and possess important technical or managerial skills


Which  statement about dissident elites is true.

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Dissident elites were poor and dissatisfied with the government

Dissident elites were wealthy, powerful, and educated; they disagreed with the government.

Dissident elites were part of the government.


When a large percentage of the population feels discontent with the political, social, and economic institutions of its society, the mass frustration of the people may cause them to

answer choices

leave and go to another country.

fight against each other.

revolt (rebel) against the government.


Mass frustration with the government in France during the 1780's was the result of

[Check all that apply]

answer choices

over population of people

social inequality

economic difficulties

Too many government rules


Revolutions that come from shared motivation happen when ...

answer choices

large numbers of people, from multiple groups, unite in order to change the government.

only the wealthiest people in the community rise up against the government.


a single dictator arises to lead the people.

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