Ancient Rome Geography
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Ancient Rome Geography

by Nikki West


What is the name of this structure?

answer choices

The Pantheon

The Colosseum

Room 41

​Mark Rome on your map!


What was the climate like in Rome?

answer choices

Dry, hot Summers

Mild Summers

Warm Winters


What sea was responsible for the type of climate Rome experiences?

answer choices

Black Sea

Roman Sea

Mediterranean Sea

​Mark the rivers

​on your notes!


Why are rivers important to civilizations?


Why could mountain ranges be important to the geography of the Roman Empire?

answer choices

Natural barrier to invaders

Keep citizens from escaping the Empire

Allows invaders to come in and take over

​Swiss Alps

​Italian Alps


Which civilization was better at unifying their people?

answer choices

I have no idea because I wasn't paying attention

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome


What is one thing you learned about Rome?

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