Introduction to Biology 2021-22
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Introduction to Biology 2021-22

by Andy Zucker


Who is the person standing in front of you?


Who are you, not your name, who you want me to see.

CP Biology​

​What are we doing here?



  • ​6 periods per week (LAB)​


  • ​General science

  • ​Chemistry (Introduction)

  • ​Biology

    • ​Cells

    • ​Systems

    • ​Genetics

    • ​Evolution

​Keys to Success

  • Be SMART - ​Set Goals (hourly, daily, weekly)

  • Listen & Observe​

  • Ask questions....

  • ​Ask questions....

  • ​Complete your assignments on time

  • ​Ask questions....


What is one goal you have for the first week of school? (Doesn't have to be science related)

​Savvas Realize (Online text & much more)

​Together we will look at the first assignment that you will have. It is posted on google classroom.

  1. ​Click on the link for the assignment: Video: Counting Animals

  2. ​Watch the video, the entire video.

  3. ​Click on the arrow at the bottom of the page to get to the question. You may need to go back to the video, that great if you missed anything.

  4. ​Answer the question and submit. ​Great!!! - first assignment done.

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