Key Words in the Anthropology World
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Key Words in the Anthropology World

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adaptation (noun)

Ex. Adaption can increase one's biological fitness in a specific environment.

anthropologist (noun)

Ex. An anthropologist is someone who is dedicated to study human culture.

anthropology (noun)

Ex. Anthropology is the study of what makes us human.

archaeology (noun)

Ex. Archeology is the study of the human past using material remains.

artifact (noun)

Ex. An artifact is a tool or a work of art of archeological interest.

biology (noun)

Ex. Biology is the scientific study of life.

comprehensive (adjective)

Ex. Anthropological studies deliver comprehensive cultural reports.

culture (noun)

Ex. Culture and ritual provides humans with meaning.

evolution (noun)

Ex. Evolution has played a key role in understanding human cultural behavior.

fieldwork (noun)

Ex. Fieldwork provides anthropologists with substantial work.

linguistic (noun)

Ex. Linguistics is the systematic study of the structure and evolution of human language.

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