Archaeology Week
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Archaeology Week

what is Archaeology? How do we do it?


Would you lick a rock to figure out if it is a bone?

no correct answer



I need to know more about why I'm licking rocks.

I only lick rocks that i know are not bones.

CLO: Students will evaluate the possible uses archaeological artifacts by looking first at a set of ancient artifacts and then at set contemporary ones and constructing meaning in groups based on visual and kinesthetic clues.

Body text

Have you heard of Archeology before? When? What do Archaeologist do?


  • Archaeologist examine human and material remains from the past.

  • They record and map what they find.

  • This information is used to create history.

Why are we doing this?

  • It is important to think of past as something we can constantly interact with instead of some that simply is.

  • Interpretations of Archeological evidence has changed over the years due to the discovery of new contexts and the use of new technologies.

  • Humans are biased and the interpretation of archeological remains have been used to serve racist Eurocentric goals.

Lets practice together!

We are going to look at remains from Etruscans because they are my favorite Ancient Civilization.


Summarize: What kind of space do you think this is? What do you think objects here were used for? why?


Quick write: summarize the uses of the objects above based on their appearance.


Do you have any fina conclussions or claims?

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