SSUSH22a International Policies
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SSUSH22a International policies

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Which incident caused the American antiwar movement to pick up steam in 1970?

answer choices

the My Lai massacre

the Bay of Pigs invasion

the Gulf of Tonkin resolution

the US's bombing and invasion of Cambodia


During the Vietnam War, serious questions were raised concerning the:

answer choices

Authority of the Supreme Court in regard to national security

Extent of the powers of the Commander-in-Chief

Loyalty of the United States military leaders

Role of NATO in international peacekeeping


President Richard Nixon’s visit to the People’s Republic of China in 1972 was significant because it:

answer choices

Decreased United States dependence on Chinese exports

Reduced tensions between the United States and Communist China

Brought about the unification of Taiwan and Communist China

Convinced the Chinese to abandon communism


Which of these was a major foreign policy failure during the Carter presidency?

answer choices

loss of Panama to the Soviet Union

failure to foster peace in the Middle East

American hostages taken in Iran

failure to protect West Berlin from communism


Which activities were major events of President Jimmy Carter’s administration?

answer choices

Iran Hostage Crisis, passage of the Camp David Accords

Whitewater, passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement

Collapse of the Soviet Union, Desert Storm

Passage of Medicare, Vietnam

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