Anthology Revision: Poetry Lesson 2
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Anthology Revision: Poetry Lesson 2

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📌 Points for the class:

  • 📌 Point 1: Review definition and elements of poems

  • 📌 Point 2: Read and attempt poetry questions from revision packet

What is imagery?

Imagery is a literary device that paints pictures with words, helping readers envision a scene. An author is likely using imagery any time you can clearly "see" something he or she is describing.

What is mood?

Mood is the atmosphere, or emotional state, that prevails throughout a work.

Poetic Devices: Metaphor vs. Simile

metaphor is often poetically saying something is something else.


simile is saying something is like something else.

Now go to Socrative in your SABIS bookmarks and put in the code: ESTEP3532 and complete the quiz!



Finish Socrative Quiz and study Course Practice for English units!!!

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