5th partial evaluation review
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5th partial evaluation review

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What are the three types of biodiversity

answer choices

Species diversity

Evolutionary diversity

Ecosystem diversity

Metabolic diversity

Genetic diversity


  • Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on planet earth

  • Species diversity: How many organisms exist on earth.

  • Ecosystem diversity: How many distinct ecosystems exist on a given place

  • Genetic diversity: The diversity that exists within members of a species


Name of the branch of biology that groups organisms based on characteristics

answer choices






  • Branch of biology that classifies organisms based on characteristics

  • A group of related organisms is a taxon (Taxa in plural)


The broadest classification level (taxon) is...

answer choices







  • There are 8 classification levels (taxa)

  • Domain, Kingdom, Phyllum, Order, Class, Family, Genus, Species

  • All of them are based on a series of characteristics, going from the broadest (most shared) to the most specific (least shared)


The binomial name is made out of the____ and the ______

answer choices

Genus name

Class name

Family ame

species name

Binomial name

  • The basis of the classification system is the species name

  • It is comprised of the Genus name and the species name

  • The name is always in italics, with the genus starting in Capital letter


These are all reasons why Dichotomous keys are a great tool

answer choices

They are specific

They ara a Classification tool

They are an identification tool

Yes/no questions

They are open ended

Dichotomous keys

  • Tools for identifying specific organisms based on their characteristics

  • They are a series of questions to which there are only two possible answers


What is a cladogram?

answer choices

A tree diagram that represents the evolutionary history of a group

A group consisting of ralated organisms

A speciation event

Phylogeny and cladograms

  • Phylogeny: The history of the evolution of a species or group

  • Cladistics – A method of classifying organisms into groups of species called clades

  • Cladograms – Tree diagrams that represents the evolutionary history of a clade


Which two organisms are more related to each other?

answer choices






  • Root – The initial ancestor common to all organisms within the cladogram.

  • Nodes – A common ancestor that speciated to give rise to two (or more) groups

  • Outgroup – The most distantly related species in the cladogram.

  • The closer the organisms are in the cladogram, the more related they are


What is species evenness?

answer choices

The number of species found in a specific place.

Number of individuals of a species present in a specific place.

the abundance of one species related to the rest of the species in a community.

Species diversity

  • Species richness: The number of species found in a specific place.

  • Species abundance: How many individuals of a species are present in a specific place.

  • Species evenness: the abundance of one species related to the rest of the species in a community.

  • An ecosystem is more diverse if it has high richness and evenness

  • More species, means more interactions, creating more stability


What is ecosystem connectivity?

answer choices

When ecosystems maintaining stability.

When processes that happen in one ecosystem affect others

Ecosystem equilibrium & connectivity

  • Ecosystem equilibrium: When ecosystems maintain internal stability

  • Ecosystem connectivity; When the processes that happen in an ecosystem affect others


What are the three main types of ecosystem services?

answer choices

Indirect services

Direct services

Regulation services

Aesthetic services

Ecosystem services

  • What ecosystems give to humanity

  • Direct services: Things we receive directly from the ecosystem, like food or wood.

  • Indirect services: Benefits we obtain when ecosystems function well, like production of oxygen.

  • Aesthetic/ethical services: The value we get from ecosystems that can't be measured, like the feeling you get when looking at nature

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