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0.5 - 0.4772 = 0.0228

  • The proportion of the area above z=150 is 0.0228 or 2.28%


a.Show the graph of the percentile in which the patients show moderate symptoms. 50 % moderate

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a.Show the graph of the percentile in the patients show severe symptoms. 20% severe

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If the 2 weeks of enhanced community quarantine proves to be efficient, it is expected that the number of patients will decline to at most 17% of the previous count. And those who has moderate symptoms could be cut into half which goes down at 10%.


Due to the rising numbers of active cases of Corona Virus among the population in NCR, the government initiated another community quarantine, called the NCR Plus Bubble.


Currently, there is above 150 patients admitted in Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center. About 50% shows moderate symptoms. Another 20% are severe, where they need high-flow oxygen.


Find the area above z = 150

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a.   Find the area above z = 150

  • Z = 2

  • Z = 2 corresponds to an area of 0.4772


0.4772 should be ??

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add 0.5 + 0.4772 = 0.9772

subtract 0.5 - 0.4772 = 0.0228

multiply 0.5 x 0.4772 = 0.2386

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