Starting A Business
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Starting A Business

Live Your Own Life.


As you see, I have provided a visual for kids and adults who are still figuring out their future! This will help you understand why you should start your own business in the first place!

Table Of Contents

  • Why You Should Start Your OWN business

  • Starting A Business!

  • Figure Out Your Talents!

  • What Are Your Boundaries?

  • Mental Blueprint

  • Design

  • What Are You Gonna Do To Get Where You Wanna Be In Life

Why Should You Start Your OWN Business?

Now, I'm a 15 year old with BIG dreams. I want to be a singer, actress, artist, and maybe even a gymnast! But..I realized how much control this all comes with, especially when you are working with someone else. Someone is always gonna want or have control of you and the things you do. That's where it needs to stop. Some of are you are forgetting that you have been under control by your parents or anyone for a fact! You haven't been able to live your life. People are so busy setting up your life for you. Don't be a slave to society. Be the owner of society! You have straight control over what you do. Does not mean doing awful and or harmful things.

Starting A Business!

Great! You understand why you need to start a business! Now let's get to how to start one!

Figure Out Your Talents!

Take time to figure out what you love doing! It can be anything. Remember this is about YOU! Not anyone else.

What Are Your Boundaries?

Sit back and figure out what you're gonna allow in your business when it comes to hiring or pricing even! Set budgets and make a plan. Think of what you're gonna need and how much you're gonna spend on these items. Limit yourself and make sure it makes sense for you!

Mental Blueprint

What is your business gonna be like? Where is it gonna be located? On the internet? Are there gonna be multiple buildings across the world? Is it actually gonna be a building? Or all? Totally up to you!


Now time for the set up! Design a unique logo of your own. No matter what your business is! Do what you want. It's all yours!

What Are You Gonna Do To Get Where You Wanna Be In Life?

It's all about doing your part. Whether that's working a job or selling old stuff from the boxes laying around in your garage or storage! Whether that's talking to an experienced business owner. Always take it into your own hands.

Make sure it makes sense for you and you only!

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