Week 31 Participation Lesson
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Week 31 Participation Lesson

Record your original rap or song.

This Week's Goal

  • Record your finished rap or song using Flipgrid.

Record what you wrote in your Week 30 Assignment in Flipgrid.

Body text

Click on my video in Flipgrid for instructions.

Body text

What is the assignment for this week?

answer choices

Record the rap or song you've written

Finish writing your rap or song

Select your instrumental for your rap or song.


How do you record your music on Flipgrid?

answer choices

Have your instrumental music playing in another tab.

Have music playing from your cell phone.

Have music playing from another computer.


Where do you go to find your lyrics to record your song?

answer choices

Week 30 Assignment

Week 27 Assignment

Week 29 Assignment

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