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State Test Practice

Body text

What is the main idea of passage 1?

answer choices

a. The phonograph was a machine that could record sound and play it back.

b. The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison.

c. The phonograph was invented in 1877.

d. The phonograph was invented on accident.


What other items did the passage state that Thomas Edison was responsible for inventing?

answer choices

electricity, telephone

record player, telegraph

mimeograph, light bulb

d. light bulb, telephone


Passage 1 states that the record phonograph was altered.

What does altered mean?

answer choices

stay the same

to be changed


Passage 2 states that Eddie’s mom is a music producer.

According to the text, what does a music producer do?

answer choices

A person who works at a music store.

A person who helps make and organize music.

A person who sings songs on records.

A person who has a phonograph.


Read the sentence below:

When Eddie got home that day, he immediately went to his computer and fired it up.

What does the phrase, “fired it up” mean in the sentence?

answer choices

Eddie caught his computer on fire.

Eddie plugged his computer in.

Eddie turned his computer on.


What is one fact Eddie discovered about the phonograph from his research?

answer choices

It was invented by Thomas Edison.

It replaced the telephone.

It was renamed a mimeograph.

He couldn’t wait to go back to Nan’s house to play with it.


In passage 2, Eddie’s attitude changes from the beginning to the end of the story.

How did his attitude change?

answer choices

He went from happy to sad.

He went from annoyed to interested.

He went from nervous to excited.

He went from excited to scared.

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