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Finance includes

answer choices

earning money

spending money

saving money

all of the above


What is your comfort level in terms of understanding finance? BE HONEST!

no correct answer

I need help!

I am okay...

I think I can make good financial decisions but would like to learn more

I know a lot about finance


You should get a bank account when

answer choices

never- under your mattress is the best place to keep money

whenever you start saving money

when you are 18

when you want to buy a something you cannot afford

Start a relationship with a bank

  • As soon as you get a bank account, you are starting to build your financial reputation

  • This is the start to building a good credit score

  • Saving money is a very healthy habit to build, even if it is just a very small amount.


A good habit is to (choose two answers)

answer choices

"Pay yourself first" - save 10% from each pay cheque

Fulfill your wants first

Spend all your money, YOLO!

Think twice before you spend money

Get used to saving

  • Put money into your savings account right away

  • If you have money left after paying your bills, clearing debt, think hard about what you spend your remaining money on


When you choose your bank you should think about (choose all answers that apply)

answer choices

what they are giving away as a free gift

asking your parents and friends for advice

comparing fees and terms of acceptance

convenience, hours and online banking options

Picking a bank

-Convenience, location, hours

-Fees and Terms

-Online Banking options

-Consider Credit Unions


A Budget is

answer choices

Tells you how much you can spend

Is plan for spending and saving

Something you make when you are an adult

A good idea but not necessary


  • Make a plan

  • Try to follow it

  • Adjust it if necessary


Credit is

answer choices

the ability to borrow money

when someone owes you money


what comes after the movie is over


Your credit score is

answer choices

not very important

can stop you from being able to rent/buy a home

only important when you move out

how much money you make


You really want a bigger TV but do not have the money for it. You should

answer choices

Buy it with a credit card

Wait until you have money to buy it

Get a store credit card

Borrow money from a friend


A credit card

answer choices

lets you spend money one month but you need to pay it back the next month to avoid interest costs

is free money

charges low interest if you cannot pay it back on time

is the best way to borrow money long term


Which of these options is the most expensive way to get money you do not have

answer choices

a credit card

asking a friend

Money Mart

line of credit


Interest is (two correct answers)

answer choices

when you like something


money earned on money

the cost for borrowing money

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