Economic Imperialism in China
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Economic Imperialism in China

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In this lesson you will learn how Great Britain opened up trade in China.

Q. What is imperialism?
answer choices
When one country takes over another country
When one country is allies with another country
When one country is at war with another country
all of these options

Name a body of water that borders China to the east.

answer choices

Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Yangtze River

Yellow River


What major geographical feature served as protection on the southern border of China?

answer choices

Yellow River

Himalayan Mountains

Gobi Desert

Taklaman Desert

Q. Ancient China was surrounded by desert, mountains and ocean. What impact did these natural borders have on the culture? 
answer choices
They helped to integrate the cultures of other world civilizations.
They caused China to constantly be at war with other world civilizations.
They helped China to establish trade with other civilizations.
They isolated the Chinese civilization allowing it to develop independently. 

On which continent is China located?

answer choices






Which are the two major rivers that flow through China?

answer choices

The Yellow and Red Rivers

The Yellow and Yangtze Rivers

The Yangtze and East Rivers

The Yingtze ane Yangtze Rivers

Q. Which statement best expresses the motive for 19th-century European imperialism?
answer choices
Living space was needed for the excess population in western Europe.
European leaders believed imperialism was an effective method of reducing the number of wars
European nations would benefit from some aspects of the conquered nation's culture.
Imperialism would benefit the economies of the colonial powers.
Q. Who illegally smuggled opium into China in the mid-1800's?
answer choices
Great Britain 
Q. What was the name of "unequal treaty" signed by the British and Chinese in 1842?
answer choices
Treaty of Nanking
Treaty of Hong Kong
The Free Trade Treaty
The New Port Authority Treaty
Q. What was the name of the conflicts between Britain and China over trade rights?
answer choices
Opium Wars
Anglo-Chinese Wars
Clone Wars
Hundred Days War
Q. The Boxer Rebellion FAILED to achieve its goal in China.  TRUE or FALSE
answer choices
Q. The Boxer Rebellion of the early 20th century was an attempt to:
answer choices
eliminate poverty among the Chinese peasants
bring Western-style democracy to China
restore trade between China and European nations
remove foreign influences from China
Q. During the 1840's, China signed "unequal treaties" with Western nations mainly because:
answer choices
China had won the Opium War
Western nations had superior military technology
leaders in China favored expansion
China had requested economic assistance from the West
Q. Which two nations controlled the largest spheres of influence in China?
answer choices
Britain and Russia
Russia and France
France and Britain 
Japan and Germany 
Q. How the loss of the Opium War impact China?
answer choices
It allowed foreign countries to imperialize China
It caused Chinese peasants to rebel against their govt.
China modernized and became an imperialist power
China returned to isolationism from trade with the West
Q. What term describes America's desire to trade with China but NOT to form colonies there?
answer choices
Boxer Rebellion
Open Door Policy
A Square Deal
Big Stick Diplomacy
Q. What rebels attacked foreigners in China and especially hated Chinese who converted to Christianity?
answer choices
The Boxers
The Wuchang Clan
Sworn Chinese Brotherhood
The New Army
Q. What is Spheres of Influence?
answer choices
Replacing local leaders with foreigners
Putting local leaders in charge (with guidance from foreigners)
Controlling a country through trade and economy
Removing the government and having anarchy
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