Integrative Chemistry and Physics
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    Integration of Chemistry and Physics

    Specialized Subjects in STEM

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    Most Essential Learning Competency (MELC)

    • General Physics 1

    • Enumerate the properties of an ideal Gas law

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    Most Essential Learning Competency

    • General Chemistry

    • Use the gas law to determine pressure, volume, or temperature of a gas under certain conditions of changes

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    Gas Law

    • Performance Task

      Define Gas laws and shows the relationships of combined gas law

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    group activities

    • the class will be divide into 3 groups with different assign task

      the group will be graded through rubrics

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    Group 1

    • Activity 1 Expanding Marshmallow

    • Relate pressure and volume

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    Group 2

    • What causes the water to rise in the glass?

    • Relate volume and temperature

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    Group 3

    • Egg in a bottle

      Relate temperature and pressure

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