Year 9 Business - Term 1 - Weeks 1 - 4 - Task 1
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    Year 9 Business

    Term 1 - Week 1


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    The promotion of a good or service in order to increase sales and profits or to inform the public.

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    Direct Marketing

    Contacting householders personally, by name, via businesslike phone calls, emails or letters.

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    Relating to ethics, which are a set of morals that help govern human conduct.

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    Focus Group

    A group of potential consumers, chosen at random, who give their opinions about a campaign.

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    Guerrilla Marketing

    A flexible, non-traditional way of promoting a brand name.

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    Junk Mail

    Advertising flyers delivered via the letterbox.

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    Promotional campaigns, including advertising, to make products known to consumers.

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    Market Research

    The gathering of information about the needs and desires of potential consumers.

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    Mass Marketing

    Promotional campaigns targeting a large proportion of the population.

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    Naming Rights

    The right of a company to include its own name in the name of a competition or sporting facility in return for the company financially supporting or sponsoring the event or venue.

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    Niche Marketing

    Promotional campaigns targeting quite small groups of potential customers.

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    Product Endorsement

    The use of sporting stars and media personalities to promote a good or a service

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    Product Placement

    The prominent display of products in movies or television programs

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    Ethical standards and complaint resolution procedures put in place and maintained by an industry group.

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    Brand strengthening via the funding of elite sporting personalities and teams.

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    Target Market

    A specific demographic or social group to which an advertiser wishes to appeal.

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    The promotion of goods and services via the telephone.

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