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    Primary Source Documents

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    What is a Primary Source document?

    • A primary source document is a first-hand account of an event or topic.

    • They were created by people who were there at time of the event.

    • It helps people to connect with the past and promote a deeper understanding of history.

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    What is a reason we use primary source documents?

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    To promote a deeper understanding of history

    To provide students with more material to read about history.

    To assign homework to students

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    What are some examples of Primary Sources?

    • Newpapers

    • Songs

    • Pictures

    • Diaries

    • Speeches

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    What are secondary sources?

    • Information created by someone who did not experience or participate in the events being discussed.

    • Secondary sources serve to help examine, form an idea, report, and interpret information from primary sources.

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    How are secondary sources different from primary sources?

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    Secondary sources are written 2 days after the event.

    Writers of secondary sources did not experience the event.

    Secondary sources are written directly from the author's memory.

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    What are some examples of secondary sources?

    • Biographies

    • Textbooks

    • Encyclopedias

    • Journal articles

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    What is an example of a famous primary source document from history?

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    What are some famous examples of Primary Source Documents?

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    Diary of Anne Frank

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    Declaration of Independence

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    Gettysburg Address

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    Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech

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