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    Alphabet Lesson

    From "A to C"

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    Uppercase and lowercase letters

    Uppercase letter: Uppercase letters are letters that represent the beginning of a sentence or a proper noun

    Lowercase letter: Lowercase letters are all other letters not in uppercase.

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    The Ant and the Apple

    Art had an apple.

    The apple was all he had.

    An ant asked Art for a bite.

    Art gave the ant a bite.

    Art and the ant ate the apple.

    After they ate the apple,

    the ant went away.

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    Uppercase A

    • Apple

    • Alligator

    • A bun in the oven

    • Alex is playing

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    Lowercase a

    • Bad.

    • Cat.

    • I'm glad to meet you.

    • I love my dad.

  • Question 6
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    Choose the words with Uppercase A

    answer choices





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    Let's write the letter "A" together

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    Bed time.

    B stands for bed,

    A place for sleep or rest,

    Sleeping several hours,

    Will help you feel the best.

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    Uppercase B

    • Balloon.

    • Bear.

    • Big fish in the lake.

    • Bad hair day.

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    Lowercase b

    • Subway.

    • Rabbit.

    • I have bad news.

    • I love playing football.

  • Question 11
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    Complete the word.

    Basket...all is a fun sport.

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    Let's write the letter "B" together

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    Cal's cat.

    Cal has a cat.

    Cal can call his cat.

    The cat will come.

    Cal's cat is cute.

    Cal's cat is clean.

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    Uppercase C

    • Cake.

    • Camera.

    • Clean your room.

    • Call your friend.

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    Lowercase c

    • Bicycle.

    • Cupcake.

    • I'm driving my dad's car.

    • It feels like magic.

  • Question 16
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    In which sentence letter "c" is lowercase letter ?

    answer choices

    The cat is clean.

    Call my mom please.

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    Let's write the letter "C" together

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