United States History Chapter 7, Lesson 2
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    United States History Chapter 7, Lesson 2

    A Demand For Change

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    Review from Tuesday

    • The very first government in the United States was based around the Articles of Confederation

    • The Articles of Confederation got the United States through the Revolutionary War with Great Britain, and allowed for settlement in the Northwest Territory

    • It was extremely flawed, however, and left Congress with almost no power over the colonies

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    A Demand For Change

    • Not everyone agreed with the Articles of Confederation

    • Many people wanted a stronger government

    • They could not protect themselves from unfair laws passed by other countries

    • Constant disputes among the states only increased the difficulties

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    Why Was the Annapolis Convention Held?

    • Maryland and Virginia were having a dispute over commercial rights on the Potomac River

    • Delegates from these two states met at George Washington's home in Mount Vernon

    • These delegates met to work out many of the problems

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    The Annapolis Convention

    • Due to the success of the Mount Vernon Conference, James Madison proposed having another convention in 1786

    • Delegates from all the states would be invited

    • However, the Annapolis Convention was not successful because only five states sent delegates

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    The Annapolis Convention

    • Even Maryland, the host state, did not send a representative

    • Alexander Hamilton of New York proposed a convention for 1787

    • The main business would be forming a stronger government

  • Question 7
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    Why was the Annapolis Convention not successful?

    answer choices

    Only 5 states showed up

    Nobody knew what they were doing

    The speakers weren't very good

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    What Was Shay's Rebellion?

    • Any doubt about the need for a strong central government ended after a rebellion against the government of Massachussetts in the winter of 1786

    • Farmers were upset by low farm prices and high state taxes

    • Many farmers were afraid they would lose their farms

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    Shay's Rebellion

    • They gathered under former army captain Daniel Shays

    • Shay's Rebellion closed courthouses and almost captured a storehouse of weapons

    • The group grew to include over 2,000 farmers

    • The rebellion lasted for several months

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    The Constitutional Convention

    • The Articles of Confederation had succeeded in doing some things well

    • It had led the Americans through the war

    • It kept everybody together, and allowed for the peaceful settlement of the lands to the west

    • Despite this, there was a need for a stronger central government than what they had

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    The Constitutional Convention

    • The delegates met in 1787 in Philadelphia

    • All states except for Rhode Island were represented at the meeting

    • The meeting was called the Constitutional Convention

    • 55 of the most respected Americans were present

  • Question 12
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    Before I list them off, try and name as many founding fathers as you can!

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    The Constitutional Convention

    • Among those people were George Washington, James Madison, Edmund Randolph, John Dickenson, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and William Paterson

    • Most of the delegates were lawyers, and a couple were farmers or merchants

    • These men became known as the Founding Fathers of the US

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    The Constitutional Convention

    • At the start of the convention, it was decided that all the sessions were to be held in secret

    • The delegates wanted to be able to debate freely

    • The delegates decided that their heated debates should not be shared with the public

  • Question 15
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    Who do you think the delegates chose to lead the convention?

    no correct answer

    John Adams

    Ben Franklin

    George Franklin

    Thomas Jefferson

    Abraham Lincoln

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    The Constitutional Convention

    • The delegates chose George Washington to lead the convention

    • He was recognized as an intelligent, well-educated person and a great military leader

    • The delegates also greatly respected him

    • George Washington was known to be a strong leader, which is exactly what they needed

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    In the next lesson, we are going to talk about what happened at the Constitutional Convention!

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