Alexander the Great
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    Alexander the Great

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    Rise of Macedonia

    Northernmost section of the Greek peninsula

    Still governed by kings while most of Greece was either oligarchical or democratic

    Macedonians were influenced by Greek culture despite holding different customs

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    Phillip of Macedonia

    The Macedonian kingdom spread across the North of the Greek peninsula 

    Philip, King of Macedonia, gained power after his brother the former king died in battle in 359 BCE.

    Used phalanxes, but armed with sarissas (18 foot pikes) much bigger than the Greek spears

    Trained to change direction seamlessly so not to lose formation

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    How did Philip become king of Macedonia?

    answer choices

    His brother died

    He took power by force

    He was elected

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    Phillip Conquers Greece

    Philip and his son, Alexander, went to war with Greece after diplomacy failed.

    Together they helped defeat the Greek army, allowing Philip to conquer all of Greece

    Philip allowed the individual city-states to keep their local governments if you supported his planned invasion of Persia.

    However, Philip died.

  • Question 6
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    Why did Philip allow the city-states to keep their local governments?

    answer choices

    So they would like him

    If they supported the invasion of Persia

    He was a nice guy

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    Alexander's Conquests

    After his father’s death, Philip’s 20 year old son, Alexander, gained the throne

    He was a military leader who was filled with dreams of glory.

    Studied under the great philosopher Aristotle

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    Who did Alexander study under when he was young?

    answer choices




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    Securing Greece

    Alexander did not allow City-States to regain their independence.

    To discourage further revolts, he burned the city of Thebes to the ground

    Alexander took 30,000 foot soldiers and 5,500 calvary soldiers (soldiers on horseback) east into Asia

    Alexander gained loyalty in his army by personally leading them into battle

  • Question 10
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    What action did Alexander take in order to stop revolts?

    answer choices

    Burned the city of Thebes to the ground

    Put cities on lockdown

    Instituted a law banning revolts

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    World Conquest

    Alexander’s goal invading Asia was to free city-states from Persian control. 

    He freed Ionia and Egypt, which helped him to march to Persia and defeat the Persian King

    Founded the city of Alexandria in Egypt

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    World Conquest

    Alexander’s ultimate goal was world conquest

    After conquering Persia, Alexander marched his army into Afghanistan and India,

    He built a vast empire in only 11 years, causing the nickname Alexander the Great

    After his last major battle, Alexander’s army mutinied - they wanted to return home

    On the march back towards Greece, Alexander died of a fever at 33 years old

    His kingdom was divided among his generals

  • Question 13
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    Why did Alexander's army mutiny?

    answer choices

    They did not approve of Alexander's leadership

    They wanted to go home

    Too many people had died

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    A New World

    After his death, his kingdom was divided amongst his generals.

    As Alexander conquered he spread Greek culture with mixed with other lands to form Hellenistic culture.

    Hellenistic means Greek-like

    Hellenistic culture spread all the way to India and impacted the world for years to come

  • Question 15
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    What does Hellenistic mean?

    answer choices

    A relative of Helen

    Roman like


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