Opinion Writing
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    Opinion Writing

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    Bellringer L3.5

    Then the pony resolutely started off. He trotted along, paying no attention to Ar's Pulls and tugs. He did not stop until he had trotted right up to the door of Arthur's home.

    What does the author mean by the phrase "the pony resolutely started off"?

    answer choices

    The pony was naught and would not listen.

    The pony was angry because it was time to go home.

    The pony was sleepy and looked for a place to lie down.

    The pony was sure that he knew the way home.

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    What do you know about opinion writing?

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    What is opinion writing?

    • Opinion writing prompt will instruct you to respond directly to a passage you have read.

    • The passage could be informational or fiction.

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    Video Games: The Good and the Bad

    Next we will read the article together.

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    Analyze the Prompt

    • What form of writing does the prompt ask for?

    • How can you tell?

    • What is the purpose of the assignment?

    • What information do I need to complete the task?

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    The next step is to plan our writing.

    • The writing prompt asks me to form on opinion. Are video games good or bad?

    • Now lets think about the second part of the prompt. It asks me to find evidence from the passage to support my opinion.

    • I will record my evidence or reason and supporting details.

    • To finish my writing, I need a concluding statement or paragraph.

  • Question 8
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    What is your opinion?

    no correct answer

    I think video games are bad.

    I think video games are good.

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    • You must introduce the topic.

    • State your opinion.

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    What text evidence can I find to support my opinion?

    • Children learn creativity as they work through games.

    • Gamers learn team skills by working together during a video game.

    • Kids who learn video games get practice solving problems.

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    • I will restate my opinion.

  • Question 12
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    What did you learn today about opinion writing?

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