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    What is PERSPECTIVE?

    Let's find out!

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    Perspective is....

    the representation of objects in three-dimensional space (3-D!!) on the two-dimensional surface of a picture.

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    In other words, when you make something look 3-D on a flat paper (2-D) you're creating perspective!

    Let's see some fun examples

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    So, what are we making today?!

    Today, we're making a 1-POINT perspective drawing.

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    Let's create!

    • First, draw a dot in the center of your paper for your 1-POINT!

    • Now, draw your road leading to that point.

    • Next, let's add buildings!

    • I will come around to help anyone who needs some assistance-- I know it's tricky!

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    You have 30 minutes to draw and add color, so take your time!

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    Clean-up time!

    STOP! Does your project have your name on it!? :)

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