How are your Social Skills?
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    How are your Social Skills?


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    What are social skills? (definition or examples)

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    • Appropriate - suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion

    • Behavior - the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.

    • Nonverbal cues - body movements, tone/volume of voice, facial expressions, details of dress, and choice and movement that communicate thoughts/feelings.

    • Tact - a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense.

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    A friend just found out her dog ran away, meanwhile, your family has just picked up the cutest puppy. You decided now is not the best time for you to share your news.

    This is an example of...

    answer choices



    Nonverbal Cues


  • Question 5
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    Logging into zoom class, mic is muted, and camera is on.

    This an example of...

    Appropriate behavior
    Responsible behavior
  • Question 6
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    A friend is talking to you, you're listening, but your head is down and your arms are crossed. Your friend thinks you're not listening, why?

    no correct answer

    Verbal Cues

    Nonverbal Cues

  • Question 7
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    What makes a background appropriate for zoom class?

    answer choices

    Your shirt blends into the background so it looks like your head is floating.

    It is offensive to others.

    You are not hidden and the picture is not distracting to others.

    You can be seen clearly and all of your friends are commenting about it during class

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    Complete the Social Skills Self-Assessment


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    Things to practice to improve your social skills:

    • Make frequent eye contact when interacting with others.

    • Show appreciation for and praise what others do.

    • Be sensitive to the feelings of others.

    • Really listen when others speak rather than think ahead to what you are going to say. Listening is more than just hearing.

    • Accept differences in others.

    • Respect the rights of others.

    • Be willing to apologize when you are wrong.

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