Digital Class Expectations
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    Digital Class Expectations

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    We focus in the classroom

    • Pay attention and don't do other things

    • Have an organized space

    • No electronics

    • Actively engage in class

  • Question 3
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    Where is a great place to set up for class and school work?

    answer choices

    My kitchen where all of my family is.

    A relatively quiet room, where I won't be disturbed.

    In bed.

    On the couch in front of the TV.

  • Question 4
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    Which of the following is NOT a way to actively engage in class?

    answer choices

    Taking notes on what is being discussed.

    Asking questions

    Putting away other electronics and closing non class related tabs.

    Playing video games

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    We are respectful of everyone in the classroom

    • Be quiet and respectful of people talking in class.

    • Be on time to class.

    • Keep conversation, questions and chat box on topic.

    • No making fun of others

    • Don't be distruptive

  • Question 6
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    Which of the following things is are respectful behaviors?

    answer choices

    Being engaged in class and able to contribute to class discussions and activities.

    Asking a question about class discussion in the class chat.

    Texting your friends during class discussion.

    Shopping during class.

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    We come prepared to class everyday.

    • Have needed supplies readily available.

    • Be in a work space that allows for you to focus and actively engage in class.

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    We all participate in class discussions and activities.

    • We complete our work on time.

    • Turn on mics and cameras.

    • Reach out to the teacher if we have a question or problem with an assignment.

    • Don't be afraid to answer as question or starting a conversation in small groups.

  • Question 9
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    What do you click on in Canvas to get to daily work?

    answer choices




    Cisco Webex

  • Question 10
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    Which of the following are ways to be responsible for your learning in class?

    answer choices

    Being actively engaged

    communicating problems through email and chat on assignments before they are due

    Taking notes

    Having your camera on

    Talking when in small groups.

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