Social Studies Skills
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    Social Studies Skills

    Lesson 5

  • Question 2
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    What are critical thinking skills for?

    answer choices

    help you gain greater insights for all subjects, including social studies, by how you approach and understand

    to help you pass a test

    to help you in science and math

    it does not help you approach or understand any subject, especially social studies and language arts

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    • placed in the order in which they occur, or sequential order

    • helps you put events from beginning to end

    • clue words like before, after, next, last

  • Question 4
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    What does it mean to categorize?

    answer choices

    using a table or graph

    sort facts, events, people, or other items into groups with similar traits

    label facts as "important" or "not important"

    comparing facts to other facts

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    Identifying Cause and Effect Relationships

    • causes—actions that lead to an event

    • effects—the results of an action

    • Examples are so, because, as a result, therefore, produced, and for the following reasons.

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    Comparing and Contrasting

    • analyzing two or more ideas, objects, or events

    • Signal words like similar and also tell you to compare

    • phrases however and on the other hand, you should contrast

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    Finding Main Idea and Summarizing

    • central focus of the text

    • what is most important, less important

    • Summarizing is restating a large amount of information in a few words.

    • most important information

    • remember the main points or events in a text

  • Question 9
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    Which do you think would be a generalization? Select all that apply.

    no correct answer

    Everyone likes pizza.

    All people have technology at home.

    Dogs are smarter than cats.

    Boys are better than girls at sports.

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    Making Generalizations and Predictions

    • A statement is mostly, or generally, true

    • Somewhat based on facts

    • Also based on prior knowledge or experience

    • Predicting involves using clues from a text to make reasoned guesses about what will happen next- finding the pattern

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    Reports and Presentations

    • Plagiarism is copying someone else’s words

    • This includes using someone else’s sentence structures, even if you change the important words.

    • Must give them credit using citations,  or a bibliography (MLA, APA)

    • Attribution- giving credit with a direct "quotation"

  • Question 13
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    Why do you need to give credit to someone that you get information from?

    answer choices

    Because my teacher told me to.

    Because they are an expert.

    Because it is dishonest and is considered stealing.

    It is not a crime to take someone else's information as my own.

  • Question 14
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    Which are the steps to solving a problem? Select all that apply.

    answer choices

    gather information about your options

    identify your options

    use your findings to make a decision

    identify what you need to do

    predict the consequences

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    Steps to Solving a Problem

    • 1. Identify what you need to do.

    • 2. Identify your options.

    • 3. Gather information about your options.

    • 4. Predict consequences- "pros vs cons" chart

    • 5. Use findings and make a decision.

  • Question 16
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    What is your best option about choosing which pair of shoes to buy?

    answer choices

    make a generalization

    make a "pros vs cons" chart

    include a citation

    identify the cause and effect

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